digimess® - the future in test and measurement

Digimess Instruments Ltd is a UK based manufacturer of the digimess® range of test and measuring instruments, formerly Grundig digimess®

The extensive range includes multimeters, signal and function generators, oscilloscopes, power supplies, frequency counters and RLC meters, with many of the instruments including RS232 and GPIB interfaces with Labview® software.

digimess® instruments are available world wide through a network of distributors. Please contact us for your local digimess® distributor.

PDF data sheets and user manuals are available for download in both English and German language under the products section.



Digimess Instruments Ltd manufactures the digimess range of test and measuring instruments formerly Grundig digimess of Germany.


Including digimess hand held multimeters, digimess bench multimeters, digimess analogue oscilloscopes, digimess digital oscilloscopes, digimess sweep function generators, digimess rf signal generators and digimess arbitrary function generators.


Also included in the Digimess Instruments Ltd range are  universal frequency counters, digimess linear power supplies, digimess switch mode power supplies, digimess audio signal generators, digimess RLC meters, digimess LCR meters, digimess distortion meters, digimess level meters with RS232, GPIB and Labview software sets.

Software options for many models

19 inch rack mounts for many models

digimess® - modern, precision design