Vann Draper Electronics Ltd was formed in 1990 as a specialist test and measurement company.

In 2000 Vann Draper acquired the designs, manufacturing rights and trademark of the digimess® range of instruments from Grundig of Germany.

Today Vann Draper continues the design and manufacture of the digimess® range with new innovative products introduced on a regular basis.

The digimess® product range is available throughout the world with authorized distributors in most countries.


digimess® - the company

Vann Draper Electronics Ltd manufactures the digimess range of test and measuring instruments formerly Grundig digimess of Germany.


Including Vann Draper digimess hand held multimeters, digimess bench multimeters, digimess analogue oscilloscopes, digimess digital oscilloscopes, digimess sweep function generators, digimess rf signal generators and digimess arbitrary function generators.


Also included in the Vann Draper digimess range are  universal frequency counters, digimess linear power supplies, digimess switch mode power supplies, digimess audio signal generators, digimess RLC meters, digimess LCR meters, digimess distortion meters, digimess level meters with RS232, GPIB and Labview software sets.